Thursday, February 28, 2008

What I did while I was not taking a nap...

The bumbo allows me to access all the toys at once.

Yeah, that's drool on my chin. What about it?

Plastic rings. Oh, it just doesn't get better than this.

I'm hiding behind the cow, see?

And now, a word from Kris: Across America, babies are taking naps... long, restorative, two and even three hours naps. But not at Hacienda Willcox. No, my daughter and I seem to be cut from the same cloth on this one; I never liked taking naps as a small child, and apparently neither does Audrey. This week I went back to the sleep books-- I have such a complicated, fraught relationship with these books-- and the internet boards to figure out how I could gently, or maybe not-so-gently, get her to nap in her crib. She's developed several of the dreaded habits we were warned about: only wants to sleep in our arms, or in a swing, likes to be nursed to sleep and doesn't "self soothe" back to sleep when she wakes. A classic "Nipper Napper." So I'm trying some tough love, Ferber style. It's really hard to put her in her crib and let her cry for a while, but I don't believe she's getting all the sleep she really needs, and I very much want some regularity in our days, for my own sake. I'm still deeply divided about which sleep philosophy I subscribe to. Wish it did not seem to be a choice between two extremes. So I'll report back on our progress. Today, Audrey won-- there was almost zero napping. Wish us luck.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

What to wear, what to wear...?

Saturday morning on the changing table.

The socks make the outfit.

We debated about posting these, fearing they might complicate any future plans she has to run for public office. We'll be sure to take them down before she reaches voting age. Or, more likely, when she demands it herself. Sorry, love, we couldn't resist.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Magic Midget visits Simmons

Monica and Audrey discuss the benefits of a Flip Nimcrut for gifts of appreciated property. (That's planned giving talk-- they'll explain later.)

Audrey shares her thoughts with Rene on ways to enliven the spring marketing.

Complete. Total. Exhaustion.

Today we met up with Kris's until-very-recently co-workers, Monica and Rene, both of whom bear the additional title of Auntie. Throughout lunch in the cafeteria and while Kris packed up the rest of her office, Audrey was calm and collected-- quite a social butterfly in fact-- and did not throw up on anyone. A successful outing in our book, which she ended with a solid nap in the car ride home.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My new interests include...

Two-fisted toy maneuvering...

Watching mom and dad eat...



And standing. Look at this knee-locking!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pa Skip

Some of these toys are birthday gifts for you, I just have to finish with my beta testing. Then you can have them. Hope you got our card. Man-- 1939. That is so far back in the mists of time I can't even iamgine it. I can't imagine last week, either, but nevermind...

Snow Cone

We took a walk around the Res for the first time in a while, and bundled up against the cold. During the late part of last summer, while waiting for Chickpea to show up, we walked around (and around and around and around) this path so many times I think the geese actually began to recognize us. But it worked: we did two laps around the pond on the day she was born.

The world is my chew toy

Shout out to Gramma Jean: we got your Valentine's cards. Thanks!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dad's chicken impression-- a stitch every time.

The tricks they do to amuse me... it's just hysterical.

My fans? Why, I treasure them, of course...

That's lovely, just don't mess up my outfit while you shower me with adoration. Thank you, thank you-- I love you, too. You're just wonderful. Careful of the hat please.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Smiling goldfish

A goldfish with giant flippers, that is. Audrey has outgrown the pink Marshmallow Peep snow suit, and graduated into this impressively orange number from our friends Jim and Lila. It's nice and roomy, which means no struggling to get her into it. Just as Lila said, you "just throw the baby in the general direction of the opening." Now that is a well-designed baby product.

(Scott, if you are reading out there in Idaho: come home soon, we miss you. I tried making the clucking noises again, but she just doesn't think it's funny when I do it. What is the secret?)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

This week's infernal baby contraption...

Even though her feet still don't touch the floor underneath, Audrey had a grand time --- her first time --- in the ExerSaucer this morning. Thanks to our friends Jim and Nicole (and Quinn) who it lent to us.!