Monday, October 26, 2009

Okay, okay! I'm out of hiding.

Some of you have said, "But where are you in the photos lately?"

Lurking behind the lens, that's where. Getting so big I can fill it entirely by myself. Wearing the last couple of pairs of pants that still fit and staying stationary as much of the time as I can.

I'm posting this more in the spirit of isn't-this-interesting-in-a-scientific-way than in the dreamy isn't-the-pregnant-form-lovely kind of way. I must say it is odd-- again-- to have reached the stage where I am a walking curiosity, attracting stares (mostly friendly) and comments (kindly meant, but incredulous). I walked into a store the other day and the proprietress said, "Well! Somebody's going soon!"

I looked behind me to see what she was talking about. No one there. She meant me. Gigantic me.

More Pa Skip and Audrey

More than ever these days, Audrey appreciates a playmate who can keep up with her speed and verve. You sure won't be seeing me on the really big slide at Robbins Farm Park these days.

Pa Skip, to the rescue!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Pa Pik" and Audrey at Robbins Farm Park

His other grandkids call him Pa Skip, which Audrey turned into Pa Pik. Close enough. They had a great time together this week. Audrey appreciates a playmate who is not quite so lumbering as mom in present condition. Better company for going down the big slide at the playground.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Audrey's New "Do"



And doppelganger?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

At the Topsfield Fair

Corn dogs, and friends (Ruth, Hank, Bethiah and Audrey).

Mezzzzzzzzzmerizing model traaaaaaaaaains............

And if we don't go right now, Audrey, we're not only going to miss "Pet the Calf" time, we'll also get home past dark. Really. Please. Step away from the glass.

My gimpy leg earned me the nickname "Hop-Along Preggo." I can take it. I mean, seriously, do I look like I can afford to lose my sense of humor at this stage?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Cupcakes with "Woot and Thia"

Ruth and Bethiah are Audrey's best buddies, and we had cupcakes at their house for her birthday, after our traditional family dinner at Red Bones. When we all sang Happy Birthday, she was interested but confused until she heard her name, and then she lit up. Yes, birthday princess, it really is all about you.

Cupcakes were followed, naturally, by a dance party.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mama's little baby is a Two Year-Old now!

Audrey celebrated her second birthday today with her friends in the Thursday morning play-group we are part of. Because who doesn't want chocolate cake at 9:30 in the morning?

Little bit of an embarrassing moment when Audrey, fueled in devilment by chocolate frosting, got into my friend Kate's sugar bowl in the kitchen and ate a few handfuls of it before dumping the rest on the floor. Thanks, Audrey. Way to get us invited back again. (Note to self: don't go anywhere without the dust-buster anymore.)

I am just a little two tired and too frazzled today to compose the sort of thoughtful message that I did last year, at the turning of her first year. Sign of the new era, right? I will just leave you with Audrey's first words when she woke up this morning, on her second birthday.

Get ready, this is a real tear jerker, at least it was for me...

Are you sure you're ready? Because this made me want to sit right down and weep tears of joy....

The words were: "Audrey needs to use the potty."

And then she did.

Atta girl! Yes!!

I know, I've just consigned us to five more years of diapers because I bragged about it. Well, I don't care.