Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Bright Eyes

Merry Christmas!

Audrey has plenty of smiles to share with Mom and Dad - the best xmas present ever!
Audrey opened her gifts from Jean with a little help from Mom. Her, she models a new onesie.
Audrey was kind enough to sleep through dinner so we could enjoy an unhurried meal together for a change.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Audrey hosts an exclusive crib party for her buddy, Bethiah

When Kris and Rebecca get together, Audrey and Bethiah get a chance to visit as well. Not like they have any choice. But still, they appear to enjoy each other's company, don't they? And they are cute as buttons.

Super-Size Me-- It's Christmas!

Welcome to the Extra-Large Holiday Edition of ChickpeaCentral. I would like to dedicate this posting to my mommy friends who received my "S.O.S." e-mail yesterday with my plea for help with sleep issues and just general parenting burnout. Thanks for your calls and e-mails. This morning, we're all feeling a lot better. Good to know you're out there.

Piglet becomes her.

All of a sudden, the 3-month size clothes fit her, and I sort of thought they never would. Like this Piglet snowsuit from her Great Aunt Jane. Pa Skip and Nanu will note that they new toy they sent is hanging from the handle of her carseat, where it keeps her distracted during "strap in for take-off" time.

The Latest of the Infernal Contraptions

Scott decided that Audrey should have at least one real Christmas gift from her parents (I thought that living here rent-free was enough, but he disagreed) so he got her a Baby Einstein play mat, and let her open it early. Later that same day, friends Jason and Elizabeth brought by a bouncy seat that their daughter Alice has outgrown; this one is really great because you can keep a nice bounce going with just one foot while doing something else!

We are ignoring the recent news reports that the Baby Einstein play mats actually reduce I.Q. because they overstimulate. As evidenced below, the best toy is still Dad anyway-- and he requires fewer double AA batteries.

We all get the blues, sometimes.

Okay, truth in advertising. Audrey sometimes cries. And screams. And leaves angry correspondence at the front desk. We do our best, but sometimes our kid-- like all kids-- is hard to decipher, and even harder to please. Yesterday was one of those days. But we made it through, and she did reward us with a few smiles here and there. We decided not to evict her afterall.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All those in favor of milk for lunch, please indicate by a show of hands.

You can't really see it here, but I was trying to take a picutre of the dress that she's wearing-- the first time she's worn one.

T.V. watching buddies.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dear Readers...

The true identity of the ChickpeaCentral blogger is revealed. It's her blog, we just do the typing.

We are tired. So very, very tired.

Last night, for reasons we cannot explain, we thought it would be just hysterical if we put the boppy pillow on our heads. Loss of brain functioning? I think so.

Toys: An Epiphany

Nanu and Pa Skip send some new toys from Cashmere and she digs them!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not quite ready for the back pack, but getting there...

She did well for the first couple of minutes, and then her head sagged forward and she couldn't pick it back up again. Rides in the pack will have to wait for a little while.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hat Hair.

Thin at the back, long on top, and fluffy all over. Now that the air is winter-dry in our house, everyone's hair is electric and we have to be careful not to give Audrey a shock when kiss her. It makes her really mad.

At the risk of jinxing a good thing, I want to report that Audrey had her most excellent night of sleep so far last night: six hours, a quick meal, then back to sleep for three more hours! And of course, instead of sleeping peacefully through it, Scott and I were lying there thinking, "Oh, no- is she all right? Did she leave? What's going on?" We know better now than to expect a repeat tonight, but, you know, a couple steps in the right direction... I'm sure we are just days away from Audrey bringing us breakfast in bed. (Actually, I can't wait to be served breakfast in bed by Audrey, perhaps on Mother's Day one of these years. A messy tray of sloshed orange juice and toast crumbs everywhere, and a card signed in crayon. Scott will help her carry it up the stairs. It'll be fantastic.)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday morning smiles

Scott caught these elusive smiles on camera this morning while I was catching a few extra zzzzz's upstairs. Last night we went to two holiday parties and Audrey slept through much of the evening, but was up way way WAY past her usual bedtime, so our Sunday is off to a slow start. It's noon and we just ate breakfast.

Audrey hopes to trigger a return of the 80's shoulder-padded look with this new sleeper ensemble. Thanks, as always, to Bethiah, whose hand-me-downs are keeping our kid clothed.

Friday, December 7, 2007

You will be shocked to discover what has just happened in my diaper.

No, seriously mom. Photo shoot's over. I mean it. I need clean pants.

The view from up here, several months later

I took this picture to compare to the one I took early in my pregnancy when I could look down and just start to see a baby bump. Now, when I look down I often see Audrey asleep in her sling. I love how she crosses her hands in there. So sweetly civilized.

Holiday Burnout Claims Another Victim

Audrey was pretty worn out by our shopping trip this morning. I got both of us all ready to go in under an hour-- no small feat for a new mom. Diaper bag stocked and ready? Check! Stroller assembled with carseat safetly snapped in? I'm on it! Baby freshly diapered, recently fed and appropriately dressed for the cold? Done! Purse in hand? Got it! We made out way through the ice and snow all the way to the shops in Arlington Center (a distance of about 1/4 mile, but hard going with a stroller and un-shoveled sidewalks) when I discovered that I had left my wallet on the kitchen table. Oh, well. At least I remembered my house key...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Ah, sweet sleep!

A more experienced mother than I would probably say that sneaking into the baby's room to snap a picture of her during her morning nap, and using the camera flash, is probably a really dumb thing to do, but I couldn't resist. Luckily for me, she didn't stir and I was able to sneak back downstairs to post this picture while she's still up there dreaming about buckets of warm milk, or whatever it is that a two-month old dreams about. She is actually taking naps, most days! We wrap her up in one of her cotton swaddlers, a mode which we call "Farewell to Arms." Swaddling works so well I think will be keep trying to do it until she's ten.

A demure half-grin, just like Mother's

Am I being egotistical if I think that all the ways in which Audrey resembles me are also her most adorable qualities? Surely this is just coincidence. Look at her: doesn't she just redefine cuteness?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Baby's First Opera

Parents are always bragging about their children's early accomplishments. But in our case, we want you to know that our Chickpea really is a freakin' genious. Here she is making her recent debut at Teatro La Scala in Milan, where she conducted a piece by Poo-cini. You can see her passion for the music in her eyes. We're so proud of her.