Monday, May 28, 2007

The view from up here.

I'm starting to lose sight of my feet as my middle expands. Friends have said this is a good time to invest in some slip-on shoes. Now I begin to see what they were talking about...

Cooking up some dinner at Janna's place

My waist is gone, but I can still reach the cutting board.

Breakfast at Sneakers, Winooski, VT

Memorial Day Weekend in Vermont, with Janna. Last time we'll see her before her move to North Carolina...

And a bit tempermental, too.

Scott remarked that the hat I was knitting for him looked a little bit too big. This was my reply.

Getting bigger...

Out on the back patio, modeling one of my new "tent" garments. Scott hasn't looked this pleased with himself since he was photographed holding the Bluefin-9.