Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photos from Audrey's Camera

This is only the best I could do with one evening's experiments with iMovie-- a collection of photos by Audrey taken with the camera she got for Christmas. It's interesting to see the house from her perspective and what she decides to photograph. Her own feet. A lot of adult legs. Ceiling fans. Calvin. And then there are the close ups of her own face, the big blue eyes.

I am frankly amazed that I was able to upload this without exploding my Macbook, but here it is. Enjoy! Perhaps I will actually go look through the iMovie tutorial section now...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Calvin and the posted speed

I do hope this is the last time Calvin is photographed next to a speed limit sign... that has been knocked to the ground and is lying on its side.

Yes, Officer, it was definitely the sleepy one on the far left. Or maybe the cutie right next to him? Maybe it was the blond one right in the middle, with the big hair. No-- wait. It was the guy looking at his shoes. Yeah. He's the one that was selling the counterfeit watches.

We've taken the kids over to the new place and let them run around, there shrieks bouncing off the empty walls. Even with nothing THERE they found stuff to get into, things to climb, stuff to pocket. I feel like I live with feral cats who've developed opposable thumbs.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bubbles in the Willow Classroom

I'm so glad you've all come to the meeting today. Start the bubbles, Miss Honeybee.

Anyone mind if I offer some opening words?

Mine, mine, this one's mine. I got it. I got---


No, it wasn't Pajama Day in Calvin's classroom. It was "I refuse to get dressed and you can't make me take off my pajamas" day. Again!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

How's this for a superior start to the day?

My day just got better and better after waking up this morning-- because that was truly the only direction for it to go, after starting off like this: I am awakened by a punch to the temple, followed by more pummeling from Calvin's fists as he shouts, "No! I don't like you! I want Daddy!"

And good morning to you, too, son. So glad I allowed you to sleep in our bed last night so that I could enjoy this sweet interlude with you at first light. Will you be taking breakfast in the dining room, or can I bring it to you on a tray here in the bedroom? (Not that you're going to eat anything. Let's not have any foolish optimism today! I'm already giddy.)

Oi what a long day it was. I should do a lot more work but I am thinking of packing it in right now. That would be the wisest choice of my day so far.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Gingerbread Yurt tradition continues

Blue candy? What blue candy? I don't know what you're talking about. Hey, are you gonna eat that roof?

A natural, easy grin on Bethiah, and on Audrey, the kind of brittle smile I thought could only be achieved through plastic surgery. But she did have an excellent time-- I saw the glee, first hand. She's just started responding to cameras as if she's being held up and told to make it look happy, or else. (Which I swear we are not doing.)

Great times had by all at Auntie Rebecca and Uncle Hank's gingerbread decorating fest. Thanks, guys! Love and frosting.

"Happy New Here!" from Calvin and all of us at Hacienda W.

Nature walk near the house, New Year's Day.