Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Special: The blog is resurrected

I promised and promised Scott that I would not drop the blog all together now that I'm in a new relationship with Facebook, so, today, we rise again. Feasting on bacon and candy and a lot of coffee, and now, on pictures and videos of the kids hunting Easter eggs!

There was more squabbling this year as Calvin is now old enough to actually notice his sister scooping up his share of the eggs before he can get to them. Here's how egg hunts work at our house: because the Easter Bunny is extremely busy, he has subcontracted with Scott and I to hide the eggs that our family decorated together the day before. So Scott stayed inside with the kids-- drapes closed-- while I dashed all around the yard and hid eggs. This was made significantly harder by the fact that we raked and cleaned the yard yesterday, obliterating most of the good hiding places in the still-leafless spring yard.

I hope you enjoy the sound of the twerdeling birds in the video as much as I do.

Happy spring, happy Easter. Welcome back, sunshine.