Sunday, April 28, 2013

At sister's soccer practice

When he got tired of running around the perimeter of the field at Audrey's soccer practice, he started flower gathering, "for Frank," he said. I finally worked out, with Scott's help, that Frank is the guy who is doing some landscaping work for us this spring and Scott told Calvin that if he picked all the dandelions, it would make Frank happy.  I guess Calvin took that to mean ALL dandelions, everywhere.

Calvin has taken to putting his hand on his hip for photographs, and also when he is talking to strangers-- I guess trying to strike a pose that conveys warmth and credibility at the same time? It seems to work.

Bit loose, but it fits.

Picture day tomorrow, and Audrey has selected this dress which my mother made for me for my eighth birthday. She looked at herself in the mirror and said, "Now I look like someone from the olden days, who works in an office!"

And when I laughed, the dust and cobwebs fell all around me.

Actually, what I remember doing when I first put on this dress was pretending to give a lecture to a Biology 101 class. That's what I thought the dress looked made for.  What made the look slightly less sophisticated in my case was the knee-high white socks and blue sandals I paired with it.

And you know what? I just realized Audrey has no shoes to wear with that dress tomorrow. She'll have to go in the 3-sizes-too-big-but-she-loves-them-anyway black Mary Janes. And white socks (but at least not with sandals.)

Calvin's shirt is pressed and his Dinosaur clip-on-tie is ready to go.