Friday, April 15, 2011

Duh Boids: Calvin works on his English

"More. Now. Again." (accompanied by sign of index finger jabbing into palm. to indicate food, music, books, anything)

"Cracker!" (Scott said this week that although man cannot live by bread alone, Calvin is giving it a try.)

"Ah-ME!" (mine, I want some, give me that, let me do it)

"Help me! Help me!" (whenever he's being pulled off or out of or away from something)

"Kitty" (any object of desire but especially his blanket. We trace this to Audrey's treasured "kitty." Calvin has made it an all-purpose term of endearment.)

"TWO!" (more than one. many. the desired quantity.)

Cat (dog or cat, skunk or squirrel)

Hati (elephant. Calvin speaks Hindi!)

"Boid." (self-explanatory)

And now for mother's self-congratulatory favorites:

"DANK-oo, Mama."


And winner for all around Mommy-blogger, gosh-darned-if-it-didn't-make-you-gag adorable:

I said to him this morning, "Yes, exactly!" when he brought me his two shoes to put on, and he smiled and said, "Yeah! A-wacky!"

I promptly died of delight.