Thursday, May 31, 2012

More of mom's visit (Gene Kelly dances and we pitch tents)

Three generations enjoy Gene Kelley's "Singing in the Rain" number on YouTube while I make dinner. I am not, in general, a devotee of corny, happy, upbeat movies (there is no greater concentration of grimness than in my Netflix queue, just ask Scott) but I love that movie.  Love, love, love it.  And now Audrey feels an affinity for it, having Taken up the Tap herself.  And mom-- mom just wants everyone to know that Fred Astaire is simply a bore compared to the nimble athleticism of Mr. Kelly and she is correct. End of conversation.

Time has come to get the tent out of its wrappings and air out that "basementy" smell in its fabric.  Audrey's got a play date for pretend camping in our backyard next weekend, so we had to get the gear ready. How delighted we were to zip ourselves up in there and discover that we were RIGHT UNDERNEATH the next of our resident bluejay family and we could watch and listen while the parents came back with worms for their nestlings.  (Tonight we watched them take practice flying trips across the yard.)

We relax after the hard, hard work of watching Scott put up the whole tent by himself.

Her elastic new attention span

All of a sudden, man, can this kid concentrate! When it suits her. But it's something I find I am still getting used to: I get out the crayons, she sets to work, I check on her ten, fifteen, twenty minutes later... she's still at it, wearing them down to waxy little nubs.

Overheard, this week:

Audrey, in the car: "Mom since you had some peace and quiet in the car yesterday, can we have some peace and LOUD today on the radio?"

Audrey, reacting to trailer for a kids show that comes with companion books: "Mom, they said we can get these books at our LOCO library!!"

At the Dallin playground (photo credits to Gramma Jean)

Here's something I hope I can twist to my advantage in some way: the kids have learned to use a "partners" systems at nursery school so it one of them shouts "partners!" they take hands.  Which is functional and adorable all at once.

Wonder how many adults have seen stars after sitting underneath this thing for a while then standing up too fast?

During mom's visit from New Mexico this week we walked up to the fine little (enclosed!!) playground for kindergarteners at our local elementary school.  My only worry is that the kids will both get completely bored by it before they enroll at the school.

Popsicles in the gah-den

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dress Rehearsal!

Stay tuned for the video of the performance the next day, for which I have just paid a shocking sum. If for some reason I can't upload the three important (to us all) minutes from that thing I will be a very steamed stage mother.

I had thought Audrey, who has been talking about and waiting for this rehearsal for weeks, might get a tad nervous when she saw the big stage and the bright lights.  What was I thinking? She adored it.

Interesting factoid: those bobby pins are from my Wedding "Up Do."

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Calvin's morning meal

...a pancake, and a pickle.  That's my boy!